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Club Bella Vita International, Inc.

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Club Bella Vita

International, Inc.

Club Bella Vita is a social club for lovers of vocal music.

It is also the opera guild for the Central Florida Lyric Opera.

The mission and goal of Club Bella Vita is to promote the appreciation and availability of the fully staged operas and other concerts and productions under the auspices of the Central Florida Lyric Opera, Inc. and to promote and encourage a variety of musically themed social activities for its members.

Members advance and support Club Bella Vita by attending and promoting Club Bella Vita sponsored events, continuing active membership in the club, and by inviting others to participate in Club Bella Vita thus increasing club membership.

The benefits of membership in Club Bella Vita apply to the Member only for single members and/or to all the residents of a household for "Family" Memberships. Membership is renewable annually.
Members of
Club Bella Vita International:

Madame Licia Albanese*
Dr. Virginia O. Allen
Mr. Henry Amlung
Madame Carole Bajac*
Judy Barefield*
Mr. John P. Beck Family
Jim & Susie Bell*
Susan Bentley
Ms. Elizabeth Blackburn*
Carolyn Blakeslee*
E. L. (Betty) Burns
Mr. Pasquale Caputo*
Oscar & Carol Carbonell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Casha*
Donald R. & Joanne R. Chase*
Margaret Chen*
Margaret Clark*
Ehler Clausen*
Wanda Cooksey
Ronald & Patricia Cople*
John and Susan Connor*
Rhea Cotter
Mary Cucknell*
Arabella Decker
Tracy Dees
Robert & Judy Delmar
Lillian Celine Demichina*
Joan S. Dick*
Bill Doherty*
George & Elizabeth Doherty*
Mr. Daniel Dolo*
Andrea Elena
“Buzz” & Carolyn Faiks*
Eric & Cynthia Fisher*
Bonnie Franks
Mr. Brian P Fredley
Dr. & Mrs. Thurman Gillespy
Louise Gingrich*
Ms. Fred Grumme
Phil & Bette Haas
Gordon Henderson
Mrs. Horace Herndon
Gene Hite & Gina Kennedy
Sharon Hough
Mrs. Sharon Haughney
Charles Houser*
Nancy Hale Hoyt
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Jasper
Lori H. Jeunet*
David & Anne Jones*
Judy Kahler*
Miss Jenny Kang
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Kenzik
Gunars Kulikovskis
Drs. Walter & Isabella Laude*
Don & Doris Lieder*
Mr. Lauredts B. Tyndall*
Jayne Linton*
Jean M. Lund*
Lota Lee  Luther
Bill & Roslyn MacDonald*
Ms. Alexis Martin
Dr. Jose Martinez
Jay and Robin McClendon
Sally Mayo*
Ed & Margaret McGowan*
Ted & Mary Micker*
Jennifer Moorehead*
Marilyn Newell
Mr & Mrs Patrick N. O'Brien
Mr & Mrs. Robert & Faith O’Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pilkington
Massimiliano Placente
Barbara Porzio
Ms. Barbara Prescott
Mr & Mrs. Edward W. Probert
Mr. John Revis*
Shirley Ritchie
Ms. Sang Roberson
Mrs. Deborah Rosen
Dr & Mrs. Eusebio G. Salud
Susanna Schlabach
Ken & Barbara Schmidt
Bill & Jill Stephens*
Laura Stewart
Betty Jane Sticco*
Ms. Rhonda Swonger
Bruce & Linda terBurg
Grace R. Tobin
Dr. & Mrs. Young Tsai*
Mike & Bets Tuttle*
Bruce Tyndall
Sam and Amelia Updike*
Christine Waters*
Tom Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wyraz*

* denotes a
Founding Charter Member